Test Bitcoin Live

Blockchains on BSV Bounty

2 BSV Bounty

To make this easier for everyone to contribute or complete all required tasks within the required time frame,
This Bounty will be split into 4 Separate tasks, details coming very soon.

@DanielKrawisz has also pledged 2 BSV
bringing the total bounty to 4 BSV.

The Bounty will be distributed by @DerekM00r3

Build (or contribute to) a protocol to post all block data from BTC and other blockchains blocks to the BSV network for 24 hours.

Data from BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, ETH and DOGE

These blockchains were chosen as they are all covered by Blockchairs API

The protocol will be required to be working and tested prior to Sept 1st
It will need to run for 24 hours from Sept 1st UTC
The first 24 hours is already funded by TestBitcoin.Live
The protocol will also need a public address for BTC at minimum to continue on with public funding (continuing with other chains would just be a bonus)

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