Author: Yobits

Eli5 Bitcoin Explainer Video

1 BSV Bounty The best video will be chosen on August 31st by TestBitcoin.Live, and will be uploaded on-chain by us on Sept 1st 12:00 UTC Requirement:create a video/infomercial simply explaining bitcoin. Conditions:video length 2-10 minsNo mention of individuals or people, not even SatoshiNo advertising…

Blockchains on BSV Bounty

2 BSV Bounty UPDATE:To make this easier for everyone to contribute or complete all required tasks within the required time frame,This Bounty will be split into 4 Separate tasks, details coming very soon. @DanielKrawisz has also pledged 2 BSVbringing the total bounty to 4 BSV….

The History of the Stress Test Team

The original stress test was thought up by Yobits (@YobitsVision) Whilst discussing ideas with The Wildcard and Mr. G mid June 2018 A testing script which evolved into what was later to become known as the Satoshi Shotgun was successfully built from the ground up…

Test Bitcoin Live 2019