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Several years after Baylor’s lawsuit, similar racial allegations resurfaced in the NBA’s investigation that led to Sterling’s banishment. But by then, Baylor’s racial discrimination claims had been dropped and the lawsuit dismissed in 2011.

MacMahon: The Celtics, leery of paying luxury tax for a team that entered the week at .500, don't find a fit for their massive trade exception. Harrison Barnes would make a lot of sense, but the Kings shouldn't move him unless they get a significant return.

Curry and Oubre were unable to practice Thursday after suffering injuries in Wednesday's 108-94 victory at Houston.Charlotte Hornets Design Face Coverings

Nba Face Mask Price

We'll soon see what, if anything, the C's can get on the trade market. Most fans will agree though: Thursday can't come soon enough.Los Angeles Clippers Design Face Coverings

The Suns, who have won eight of their past 10 games, are in second place in the Western Conference while the Heat, who have lost three straight, are fifth in the East.

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Twitter, right on cue, let the Pandemic P jokes fly. Check out some of the best ones below.Detroit Pistons Design Face Coverings

The 2021 NBA trade deadline is Thursday, and teams will have to decide whether they are looking to add players for a playoff push or trade away players for future draft picks.Miami Heat Design Face Coverings

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