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Some are familiar

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Should you apply the Burstinglobs friends chat, there is almost always somebody who's hybridding and requires a solo mage spouse to kill Rex for them whilst they kill Supreme and Prime. This usually means that you don't need to RuneScape gold fret about Supreme or Prime whilst you're down there, unless either of you're bad at what you are doing. I'd take Tubby's set up with mystic boots along with a Ring of Life until you are confident, then you can begin risking a little more expensive equipment.

If there is no one in Burstinglobs trying to find a solo mage, simply ask if anybody is hybridding/tribridding and can let you hop worlds from theirs, even simpler than having to kill Supreme/Prime to begin your trip. Bring a tortoise and make sure you have a brew:restore ratio of 3:1. If you can, bring 2 fruit bat pouches and scrolls for when your tortoise dies, fruit autumn is simply great for soloing Rex, then it's not really efficient in case you are hybridding/tribridding.

In case you cannot access a fruit bat, then bunyip might need to do though that will restrict your excursion as it can only cure 80LP/minute. If you find your trips are too short with a tortoise/bunyip, then you might have to bring Guthans in lieu of Veracs and nutritional supplement your Bunyip's healing by attacking Spinolyps.

When you've got an Enhanced Excalibur in the Hard Seers Diary, it's also good to Buy RS gold use there as the special attack has the potential to heal 200LP every 5 minutes, and additionally raises defence. Once your tortoise is empty you are going to want to dismiss it and bring out the fruit bat. Make sure you have cleanses and cleanses left on your inventory for emergency recovery i.e. do not summon your own fruit bat when you're completely from brews, as if you mislure Rex then it may get ugly. Do not overlook a one-click teleport for crises.

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