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Rumors of Wilson potentially being traded swirled for weeks, and while the talk has died down, it’s not completely dormant yet. The wake of Wilson’s comments likely left behind some ruffled feathers, both in the front office and in the locker room.Tennessee Titans for Face Masks

[Image: cdaa3f83de4d5625f7d06db2ffd159d50a83493f...50x250.png]

Rob Maaddi, who covers the Eagles for the Associated Press, recently made this observation on Twitter: “Eagles are unsure about Jalen Hurts. No consensus in the building. After beating the Saints, they wanted to get rid of Carson Wentz. After next 3 losses, they wanted to work it out with Carson. After trading Carson, they considered a trade up for a QB before trading down to 12.”

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Nfl Face Masks For Sale

Farley is coming off back surgery, so he didn’t participate in Virginia Tech’s Pro Day. And he opted not to participate in the covid-shortened 2020 college football season. So it’s been a long time since he has shown NFL teams what he can do. But he believes that when he gets on the field, he’s going to show a lot.

By getting running back Leonard Fournette to agree to a one-year, prove-it deal worth $4 million, the Buccaneers are the first team in the salary cap era (since 1994) to return every starter from its Super Bowl championship roster. Guys like Fournette, outside linebacker Shaquil Barrett, tight end Rob Gronkowski and defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh all made big sacrifices to make this happen.Philadelphia Eagles for Face Masks

After all, for such a grueling physical occupation as football, bodies could sure use ample recovery time rather than the additional injury risks that show up as the intensity of workouts progress during OTAs.Denver Broncos for Face Masks

Whether he’s a Wilson fan now will be clear in about five weeks -- actually less, since it’ll be clear in the days leading up to the first round on April 29 whether the Jets are trying to trade Darnold or the No. 2 pick. The only thing that is clear is that pick became even more valuable on Friday, after Wilson showed why whoever gets him could be getting a star.

[Image: cdaa3f83de4d5625f7d06db2ffd159d5df627d7d...50x250.png]

ESPN draft analysts Mel Kiper Jr. and Matt Miller agree the Dolphins should use their top pick to draft one of the elite pass-catchers. Kiper gives the slight edge in preference to Smith, with Chase as a close second option. Miller advocates for Chase as the Dolphins' No. 1 option and Pitts second. My thoughts are the Dolphins should prioritize Smith, go next with Chase and then Pitts.New York Jets for Face Masks

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