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"You guys are great. I've listened to you guys -- do a really good job. But it might be dangerous if I listen to you all the time. It might not be good for me. So you gotta find that balance.
Fanatics Sports Apparel Face Masks

"And I think he did a little bit. But he's worked really hard. I'm really excited about him and seeing what can happen."Utah Jazz Design Face Coverings

The Philadelphia 76ers will be one of those teams in the mix to make any moves as they could use some help off their bench. They have a serious MVP candidate in Joel Embiid as well as as a Defensive Player of the Year candidate in both Embiid and Ben Simmons. They have as good a chance as anybody to win.


Players who have been vaccinated may be able to avoid missed games related to contact tracing while enjoying “some real advantages and benefits” if vaccinated.San Antonio Spurs Design Face Coverings

Under the league's collective bargaining agreement, Silver could not exceed $50,000 as a fine for ''any statement having, or that was designed to have, an effect prejudicial or detrimental to the best interests of basketball.'' He is permitted to combine the fine with a suspension and, because Leonard is already out for the remainder of the season with an injury, his salary will not be affected.Brooklyn Nets Design Face Coverings

The loss of Embiid to Team Durant can't be over-emphasized in its importance. A potential MVP-caliber offensive player won't be replaceable by even this star-studded cast. Prediction: Team LeBron 167, Team Durant 143


Lillard has played with better supporting casts in recent years, including CJ McCollum, but Curry has played along wtih the likes of Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green for almost his entire career. It's a bit difficult for any superstar, even one like Damian Lillard, to will a team to victory against that type of lineup.Charlotte Hornets Design Face Coverings

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