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Steam cleaning option

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Steam cleaning option
What is the best way to clean carpets? If a steam cleaner is more effective, why not give it a go. Our reasons for offering dry foaming shampoos instead are explained below.

Is steam cleaning faster?
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Steam cleaning is very fast, but only for the person doing it and not for the homeowner who has to wait for it to dry. Steam carpet cleaner takes less time to complete each room, however, its speed is not in your favor.
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A carpet steam cleaner uses a lot of water when cleaning your carpets and therefore may take longer to dry. This will prevent you from putting everything back where it belongs until the next day. If the carpet is not completely dry, and you rest an object on it that contains stain or dye, there is a high chance these colors will bleed into the carpet and stain it. Dry times are often uncomfortable with steam cleaning over dry shampoo. شركة غسيل سجاد بالرياض

We admit, it takes us longer to complete a carpet cleaning job using dry foam shampoo, but our time is in your favor, with dry times in under 4 hours, as opposed to steam cleaning which can take up to 24 hours.
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Of course, drying times are highly dependent on the humidity levels in your home which can speed up or slow down the process. And due to the moisture itself, foaming dry shampoo dries much faster than steam cleaning because there is much less water in the carpet. Your satisfaction and comfort is our biggest concern which is why we have continued to use dry foam shampoos and not switch to steam cleaning.

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