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Rockies manager Bud Black referenced how hard being a GM is every day of the year -- and that Bridich was present and focused on the team even earlier Sunday, before later alerting Black he would step aside.

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Clayton Kershaw pinch-hits for reliever Jimmy Nelson in the 10th inning of Sunday night’s game after the Padres intentionally walk two actual hitters to get to him. He strikes out.Toronto Blue Jays

"But more than anything else, it's a safety precaution to back off now. I feel confident 10 days from now, knock on wood, it'll solve it. I think a lot of it's from getting his delivery together where it's nice and smooth."

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"He plays so hard," Kapler said. "Tommy shows you that every play is big. He's diving for anything that he's close to getting to and runs the bases so hard and prepares so well. That makes it even more disappointing, to know that he may be down for a bit."San Diego Padres

By waiting until the weekend to return, that would mean Fried would not have to run the bases.
MLB Drawstring Bags Small

2. At best, the Cubs offense has been streaky to start the season, and this week’s four-game series with Atlanta is evidence of that. New York Mets

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