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Animal crossing is one of the rare great things that came

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There is a New Horizons Items ton of boba areas from the large city near me but it's an hour drive away and I seldom have a reason to go up into town these days what with the pandemic. Sometimes I think about just driving there to find some boba tea.

There's this one place that has a boba tea with brown sugar tapioca pearls and this amazing flan. It is by far the best boba tea I have ever needed. I can't wait until the next time I get to own it.

I am in California and there's literally a lot of smoke I can not go outdoors. This is precisely what I'm doing.

Me three. And, somewhat morbidly, I continue needing a smore because everything smells like swimming. I am also trying not to take it personally that my villagers never offer to share their magical secret popsicles with me personally. Where do they come from?

Thank you! Animal crossing is one of the rare great things that came from the dumpster fire That's 2020

Our pine gulch wildfire is now the biggest wildfire in state history. I think it is almost contained now but the smoke is really awful.

I can not even get boba since the nearest boba area is 30 minutes downtown, and I don't have a Vehicle

This is buy Animal Crossing Items definitely me... Especially since I Understand How to make boba from scratch and make it after a week

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