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After Alan Rickman’s performance, the best thing about Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is the big, sweeping, epic score courtesy of Michael Kamen. Full of blasting trumpets and war-like drums, the fanfare-like blast of the score’s main theme ended up becoming the official music for the New Line Cinema logo. Sure, Bryan Adams’ weepy theme song got most of the film’s musical attention, but it’s Kamen’s instantly memorable score that steals the show.

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While plenty of films lead to theme-park attractions, especially films designed for the whole family, not everything makes the successful shift. But some get close. Recently, some concept art for a theme park ride tied to the Night at the Museum franchise was unearthed online, allowing us to get a glimpse at what might have been.Cat Ear Hoodie

In my humble opinion, the thing that sinks every season of American Horror Story is a clear lack of planning. The stories often feel as if they’ve been poorly thought out, and as a result, they run out of steam pretty damn fast. But having a show where each episode tells its own standalone story decreases the risk of that particular problem. At least, I hope it does.

While there have been LGTBQ characters in other animated films like Onward and Laika’s ParaNorman, Out sets itself apart by having a gay character in the central role. Also, the main character is struggling to come out to his parents even as an adult, which validates the challenge even later on in one’s life. There is even a same-sex on-screen kiss! Manuel is also displayed as a supportive partner, which is so refreshing to see. The more healthy and supportive relationships that kids (and let’s face it, adults) can experience, the better. As a byproduct of the original Disney movies that featured a mermaid giving up her voice for a guy and a girl falling in love with a literal beast who keeps her hostage, I can safely say this short film is a huge step in the right direction. There is so much to praise about this short and I really can’t recommend it enough.

Last spring, Central Park combined the animation and comedy style of Bob’s Burgers with the joy of musicals in one of Apple TV+’s most entertaining shows yet. Now, the series is returning for a second season later this month, and it should come as no surprise that elderly heiress and entrepreneur Bitsy Brandenham (Stanley Tucci) is still trying to snatch up all the land in Central Park to turn it into apartments shopping centers and restaurants. And the Tillerman family are the only ones who can stop her. Watch the trailer for season 2 below.
Customized Film Sweater Cute

Yeah, and he was, I know for me, one of the only significant Asian characters in movies for a long time. And there’s only been recently that kind of uptick in Asian representation in film so I think that led into the love for Han and people wanting to bring him back. How did that feel to bring him back in a landscape where there’s just so many more Asian characters now, and Han is just one in a dozen?

The series is developed, executive-produced, and written by Gad, Edward Kitsis, and Adam Horowitz (Once Upon a Time), with each serving as a co-showrunner. The creative team behind the show also includes director Liesl Tommy, who will executive produce and helm the first episode. Alan Menken will write an original soundtrack for the series, with lyrics by Glenn Slater (Tangled). Production is expected to begin next spring.

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