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I know theyve said theyll add more to Madden 21

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I don't believe that was ever a big point among lovers. Turning Sasha heels and Madden 21 coins having a Bayley/Sasha feud yes. But maybe not turning Bayley heel. I simply don't know that franchise gamers are likely to flock to 2K to perform with a Blitz style game. They're trying to keep those people that enjoy the arcade type games. I'm a franchise player and that I quit playing with it a long time ago. . I would've actually played this mode, but it sucks too lol. I have high hopes for 2k, blitz design game or sim. . It does not even matter since it will be greater than anything else EA puts out. I'd play it before EA eventually gets their shit together and makes franchise style what it should have been around for the past umpteen decades.

I am pretty certain that you are able to grind oh mobile right not and have it take over to console if you link your account. So glad EA has a distinctive simulation soccer permit and uses it to drive arcade modes. If they actually put effort to the license they have exclusive rights , I'd really like this move.

And yes, I know theyve said theyll add more to the only sim mode the game provides, but the truth is there still is nothing new added to the part they have exclusivity to at launch. Edit: I also want to add these attributes they said they might add into M21 we've zero idea when theyll come. Remember it took them over 3 weeks to include 5th year options. At that speed, those features wont make it till M22.

Franchise is neglected so they could develop another arcade style they could profit on. Only give another simulation and allow madden create their pirate micro trade game. Ridiculous. Will the avatar function as the exact same 9 faces they've needed for CAP in the past 6 years? They seem to be along the lines of their face creation they have had for face of their franchise. Wish franchise would have face formation for habit draft class and create a player... You could say that for most modes besides franchise along with a celebrity mode. Will you be able to play this from the AI? Haha that's all I care about. I suck ass but love the sport and I always get dominated playing with other people haha.

Guarantee this movement will not have a depth to it and be dead in a month like FIFAs variant. Why do all the Ea games must have exactly the very same modes? It is identical gameplay just smaller play area in another EA games. I gotta confess, NHL 3s is one of the most fun sports game modes I have ever playedwith. It carries me back to mut 21 coins buy mascot matches in NCAA. Cuz these modes are fun?

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