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Films Drawstring Backpack With Zipper In The Front,

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(Welcome to The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen, a series that takes a look at slightly more obscure, under-the-radar, or simply under-appreciated movies. This week, we look six dishes best served cold…that’s right, we’re talking the best revenge movies you’ve never seen!)

One of the first fight scenes in the film has Hutch going up against a gang of hoodlums on a bus, and the above behind-the-scenes video has Odenkirk, producer David Leitch, director Ilya Naishuller, and stunt coordinator Greg Rementer breaking down how it was all put together. There’s even footage of the stunt team blocking out the scene elsewhere beforehand.

[Image: drawstring-zipper-backpack-waterproof-fi...50x250.jpg]
Films Drawstring Backpack With Zipper In The Front

Over at Mighty Jabba’s Collection, the user has sculpted, 3D-printed, and painted “The Visible Hutt,” inspired by The Visible Man model kits, which show how all the bones, muscles, and organs fit together in a human body. Be sure to check out their Instagram for more cool Hutt Stuff.

Where Loki prefers guile and diplomacy, Sylvie leans toward a more direct, confrontational approach. And where Sylvie prefers focus when on a mission, Loki can’t help but lean into his hedonistic nature when the world is facing complete destruction. (As an aside, the scene where drunk Loki breaks a glass on the train bar seems to also be an homage to the first Thor movie, where Loki’s brother takes to smashing coffee cups in appreciation of the drink.)

[Image: drawstring-zipper-backpack-non-fading-fi...50x250.jpg]

Honestly, I feel like an updated version of the original Space Jam video game would have been pretty satisfying too. They could have even kept the old school NBA Jam arcade gameplay style. Then again, maybe a beat ’em up arcade game allows for more replayability for single players. After all, it does look like a lot of fun.

Lowery added that they also looked at Hammer horror movies, and a Russian adaptation of War and Peace that recently got a Criterion Collection release. They also looked at Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V and “a lot of Shakespearean references.”

Last winter, Peter Jackson released an extended sneak peek at his upcoming documentary The Beatles: Get Back. At the time, the project was going to be a single film created from over 60 hours of previously unseen footage and over 150 hours of unheard audio from pivotal times in the history of The Fab Four. But since this is a Peter Jackson project, The Beatles: Get Back has ballooned into a multi-part documentary series that will span roughly six hours, and it will now be arriving on Disney+.Drawstring  zipper  Backpack



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